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Black Belt Academy of Fraser Heights

Taekwondo developed from humble beginnings over 1,000 years ago and has since spread internationally to become one of the world's most successful and popular martial arts. Its practitioners enjoy physical and mental discipline, as well as excellent fitness and the ability to defend themselves if necessary. Taekwondo is not only a combat sport, but is also a way of life for enthusiasts around the globe.

The word Taekwondo itself is made up of three Chinese/Korean words: Tae, meaning to kick or jump; Kwon, meaning fist or hand; and Do, which means "the way." Loosely (if not literally), it can be thought of as "The Way of the Hand and Foot."

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RPE Fitness Inc

Our Mission Is to educate our clients and work along side them to help improve their overall health, fitness, diet, flexibility, strength and longevity.

Life is not about calorie counting and bench pressing big weights, it's about enjoying the gift of good health every day and making each moment count toward fulfilling your dreams of a long and happy life.

Be the best you can be with my help and guidance


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Elora Gorge Karate Dojo

Try Gorge Karate for 2 weeks FREE!!! New students may start anytime.

Beginner classes are Monday and Wednesday nights.

Peewee ages 4-6 will be at 5:00PM – 5:30PM Kids ages 7-13 will be at 5:30PM – 6:15PM Teen and adults will be 7:45PM – 8:45PM

New this fall we are offering a daytime adult all belt class, it will run Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00PM – 2:30PM. This class is ideal for shift workers, seniors and parents who are busy with their children in the evening.



Gorge Karate was established in 1984 and is the only dojo in Centre Wellington authorized by the International Meibukan GoJyu-Ryu Karate-Do association based in Okinawa Japan to teach this very traditional martial art.

For more information please visit our webpage www.gorgekarate.com or to reserve a space call 519-846-9002

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Bionics Fitness & Wellness

Bionics Fitness & Wellness in Woodbridge is an innovative, In-Studio & In-Home, and corporate, fitness and wellness company. that strives to improve the health and well-being of individuals by providing personalized, one-on-one or small group sessions to help clients reach their desired fitness and more Woodbridge Personal Trainers

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Sport Chek

Sport Chek is a specialty retailer of general sporting goods, which includes sports equipment, athletic, leisure and recreational footwear and apparel. There are over 100 locations across Canada. Sport Chek does not have any store locations in the province of Quebec. However, our sister banner, Sports Experts has over 10 locations to meet your sporting goods needs. more Kelowna Sporting Goods Retailers

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Hawkes Martial Arts

The very reason we practice karate is to improve ourselves. Within our martial arts school, students are instilled with the winning attitudes necessary to overcome life's many obstacles. We train our bodies to be strong, and mind and spirit to be patient. We must work hard at this every day. Everything we learn at the dojo, can be applied to real life. In addition to our black belt academy, we also offer a great atmosphere to host children's birthday parties and special events on the weekends. We know parties for your kids can be more stressful than fun so leave the setup, activities, and clean up to us, and get in on the fun! We also offer special day camp schedules for spring and summer breaks as well as fitness classes and adult karate classes for adults. Visit us today. more New Westminster Martial Arts Instruction Instructors



Striation Six is a multifaceted Sports Training and Performance Consultancy Firm Specializing in 1. Muscle Activation Techniques™ 2. Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation 3. Exercise Mechanics & Resistance Training 4. Corporate Wellness & Health Promotion 5. Personal Training & Group Exercise Classes Combined these programs help both organizations and or individuals reach their maximal physical potential through optimizing movement and stability. Our goal is to restore and enhance the optimal function of the neuromuscular system, creating an efficient and well balanced body for the physical demands of daily life. This approach not only enhances performance, but significantly decreases the potential risk of injury and pain. We have combined the above principles to provide the best approach to sports training and injury prevention discovered to date. March 10th 2008 Striation Six goes Pilates. Join us in welcoming Jessica Burnie to our team of Certified Specialist. Her extensive background in pre/post natal health, rehabilitation, and specialized human movement is guaranteed to complement all your exercise and health related goals. Classes run daily (Mon-Sat. call for a class schedule) Phone registration is mandatory for all group classes (max of 6 people)Classes include but not limited to Pilates Mat, pre/post natal, I.T.S (Isometric Training Systems) for Stability, I.T.S for Mobility, I.T.S for Rehab, I.T.S for Strength, and I.T.S for Golf. more Toronto Fitness Clubs

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Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Coquitlam

Description: Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Coquitlam is a Yoga Center located in Coquitlam, British Columbia. We offer Yoga and fitness classes. Try something new and come to Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Coquitlam today. Yoga and regular exercise can keep you in shape and healthy. Yoga requires great mental and physical strength, so all aspects of your body are being challenged. For an extraordinary experience, call us today! Services: Yoga Center, Yoga Classes, Hot Yoga Payment Types: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Business Hours: "Monday 09:30 AM - 08:30 PM Tuesday 09:30 AM - 08:30 PM Wednesday 09:30 AM - 08:30 PM Thursday 09:30 AM - 08:30 PM Friday 09:30 AM - 08:30 PM Saturday 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM Sunday 09:30 AM - 08:30 PM" more Coquitlam Yoga Studios Studios

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Le Chateau

All dressed up, everywhere to go. Stay in the fashion loop with Le Chateau. more Barrie Sporting Goods Retailers

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Spa Lady

Our Mission is to provide the highest level of excellence in service and facility at the lowest price. Our proven reputation as the leader in women's fitness has enabled us to grow our community to over 60,000 members while keeping our fees incredibly low. At Spa Lady, we believe that while it is impossible to put a price tag on good health, it's easy to put one on a great health club! For the benefit of each of our valued members, and the overall health of our community, we've decided to keep our price tag affordable for all. more Edmonton Fitness Clubs
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